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"Tevie Miller Heritage School (TMHS) introduced our family to an entirely new and exciting way of working with Learning Differences. We prefer to use Learning Differences as opposed to Learning Disabilities as we believe that all children are intelligent and can learn the same curriculum, perhaps with a small change in presentation and speed or with slight modifications. The teachers at TMHS are able to identify the specific needs of their students and present material in a manner that enables each pupil to more fully understand and therefore be more successful. Happier children learn easier and faster; and gain more self-confidence and self-respect. At TMHS children are taught in an open environment and are encouraged to participate. The daily use of both Teacher's Aides and Speech and Language Pathologists allow teachers to more actively engage students to ensure good communication and allow a better "educator to pupil" ratio than at community schools. Our own experience at TMHS has been nothing short of profound. Our daughter has been attending the school for the past three years and it is very evident that the strategies that the teachers and school have initiated are working. We have seen tremendous growth in both her intellectual and psychological well-being. As a parent, it is extremely comforting when there is such a high level of competence and caring that is shown from all levels of a school, TMHS is such a school. We cannot thank our own local school board (Elk Island Catholic Schools) enough for having the courage and vision to allow our daughter to attend TMHS. Our sincere thanks also go out to all of those professionals at TMHS who teach our children how to learn and be successful; not only in school but more importantly in everyday life."

- Sharon & Scott McCaul, Sherwood Park, AB


"Our son attended the Tevie Miller Heritage School Program for six years.  When he first started at the school, he was not verbal and he faced an uncertain future.  Because of the intense programming, excellent and supportive staff and a truly individualized program, it allowed our son to be the best he can be.  When he left the school and transitioned to our neighbourhood school, he was able to talk, communicate effectively, he could read, had good reading comprehension, he had confidence in himself and he left the school with some very excellent learning strategies.  Although he experienced some good teachers throughout the rest of his schooling, not many measured up to the staff at the Tevie Miller Heritage School, who followed the philosophy: If students can't learn the way we teach them, then we better them them in the way they can learn.  Our son went on to complete high school and enjoys working in a local grocery store.  He still talks about his experiences he had at the Tevie Miller Heritage School.  We can't imagine where he would be now, if he hadn't received the programming that he did.  It built the very important foundation for his future learning; and his future."

- Bobbi & Brian Stevenson


"The summer before our twins started in the Early Education program at Tevie Miller Heritage School, they were two and half years old and full of energy and spirit.  What they weren't full of was words!  We had been concerned for almost a year about their lack of language development and through a recommendation by our Alberta Health Services SLP we found Tevie Miller.  Although the twins were both diagnosed with severe speech and language delays, their issues were as different as their personalities.  Our daughter had only a handful of words that she used on a regular basis, relying more on gestures and some basic signs.  She was so frustrated with her lack of ability to communicate and her behaviour was becoming increasingly challenging.  Our son, on the other hand, had quite a few words in his repetoire but his speech was very difficult to understand.  Strangers could not understand the majority of what he said and we even had to translate for close family members.  It was a very frustrating and anxious time for all of us.   In September of 2008, the twins started in the ECS program at Tevie Miller and we immediately noticed a dramatic change.  With focused support from the teacher and educational assistant, and specific, daily intervention from the SLP, our children began to thrive.  Their language skills exploded and they began communicating effectively and in ways we'd never seen them use langauge before.  They began to initate conversations, increased their confidence and independence, and their personalities really began to shine through.  Not only did they receive much needed instruction for their speech and language difficulties, but our children absolutely fell in love with their teachers!  I couldn't have hand picked a more dedicated team of professionals who truly cared about each and every child in the program.  The class team was the perfect balance of professional expertise and compassionate concern for the well-being of our children.   The staff at Tevie Miller allowed our children to find their voices. As our twins transition to a community Kindergarten next fall, I have every confidence that the foundation in language and literacy that they have received in their first two years of early education at Tevie Miller has set them up for a successful future in school."

- Early Education parent

"My daughter attended Tevie Miller for five years. When we first decided to register her at Tevie, of course the tuition was our greatest concern. But we were so impressed with the staff and the entire school that we jumped in truly believing that a placement at this school would meet her needs. And it did, even beyond what we had hoped. Not only did Jill begin to show growth in academics but her overall confidence, both in terms of academics and socially soared. Jill's Individual Program Plan clearly reflected her areas of need and was the focus of her academics. The teaching team met with us on a regular basis to keep us informed of Jill's progress. At the end of each school year, the teaching team gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision in terms of placement for the following school year. Jill is now 27 years old. When you ask her about her favorite school memories, she immediately refers to her time at Tevie Miller. Being parents of a special needs child, we appreciated the support we received from the school and the connections with other families."

- Brenda Schmermund