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Bilingual / Bicultural Program

Tevie Miller Heritage School Program is a program of choice for students from Grades 1 through 9 with diagnosed communication delays.  A wide range of language and literacy support systems address individual needs, strengths and abilities to maximize student achievement and growth.  Class sizes range from 14 - 20 students and are supported by a collaborative class model made up of a Teacher, Educational Assistant and a Speech and Language Pathologist.  Individual Program Plans are in place for each student with an emphasis on language and literacy.  Speech and Language goals are integrated into daily academic instruction with additional small group and/or 1:1 Speech and Language services provided by the Tevie Miller Heritage School Society through the payment of parent fees as well as supports from Alberta Health Services and ESHIP services.  Balanced Literacy is used in all classes, with additional support for targeted students through a comprehensive Literacy plan.

Tevie Miller Heritage School Program also offers American Sign Language as a second language course.  Second language programming in Edmonton Public School is supported as a District wide best practice and is aligned with Board policy.  For more information go to  EPSB - About Our Languages  and  EPSB - Administration Regulation  and   EPSB - Board Policy